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Architext Journal

Aims and scope

The School of Architecture at Ariel University in Samaria publishes Architext, a bilingual (Hebrew/English) journal once a year. In the domain of architecture it is the only peer-reviewed academic journal initiated by a School of Architecture in Israel. The topics vary from issue to issue; sometimes they share an umbrella theme, other times not. Each issue contains some six articles as well as selected final projects completed by the graduating students of the school.

The initiative of the School of Architecture at Ariel University to put out a journal emerged from a very real need to expand theoretical and academic debate as an integral part of architectural activity by creating a 'living' platform for dialogue between the writing public from within and outside of the School. It is a platform where one can discuss complex contexts regarding public, cultural, local and global aspects and it offers writers an opportunity to share their thoughts and their experimental research on architecture both in theory and in practice.

Each year Architext invites scholars and architects from all over the world to submit proposals for articles on various selected topics.


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