School of Architecture, Ariel University

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Architecture About

School of Architecture, Ariel University

הדפסה דוא

School of Architecture, Ariel University - Created by Hila Carmon

Dean: Prof. Arc. Gilad Duvshani



About Architecture as a Profession

Architecture is the discipline of crafting spaces based on ethics, science and art in a cultural, social, environmental and technological context.

An Architect's – Archi-Tect – "Master Builder" responsibility is to plan and design the entire spatial experience from the initial abstract conceptual stages to the final detail required for bringing the vision into the physical public realm.

In Hebrew, an architect is also called "Adreychal" derived from two words – Ard-Heychal which means "Temple Servant" – a person working in a holy environment and in charge of the well-being of the people in the environment he creates.

Both these definitions combined, describe the real role of the architectural profession and its commitment to society.


About the School of Architecture

Established in 1995, The Ariel School of Architecture is a vibrant, energetic and involving environment that furthers substantial, advanced, innovative, rich and relevant architectural thinking. The school distinguishes itself by its unique approach in contributing to the architectural fabric of Israel and its global context, turning ideas into words and matter.

The school strives to instill the following fundamental principals in all its members - personal and professional ethics, an environmentally friendly approach to nature and the urban environment, mastery of architectural tools of expression, social solidarity extending a helping hand to those who need it, as well as the creation of aesthetically pleasing products with substance.

Students and staff are encouraged to seek excellence, professionalism and broaden horizons in everything they do while taking various criteria into consideration. Graduates are taught to be creative independent thinkers and team players that have great respect for the architectural profession and all it entails.

The first dean and founder of the school, Prof. Yossef Schweid, saw an opportunity to return to historic architectural roots by establishing a school in the geographic location of Judea and Samaria. His predecessor, Prof. Saadia Mandel, also recognized this potential and emphasized the preservation of the historic geographical fabric of the area. The third dean, Prof. David Cassutto, integrated advancements in the academic system. The fourth dean, Prof. Beni Reuben Levy devoted himself to put the school at the forefront of architectural learning and teaching and making it a leader of its class while developing and shaping its uniqueness.

Ariel School of Architecture prides itself on the pluralistic diversity of its students and staff that come from different backgrounds and cultures from all over the country and from abroad.


About the Staff

The Ariel School of Architecture employs a diverse teaching staff that includes theoreticians, masters of technical skills as well as experts of specific complementary fields such as engineering, social studies, communications, art, etc.

The primary teaching staff is composed of architects and teachers that oversee the progress of the students both in studio classes and additional fields. This allows for constant cross-referencing between complimentary fields and the studio assignments, ultimately giving staff a complete overview on the development of the students.


About the Curriculum

The school's curriculum prepares graduates for the challenges of architects in the 21st century. It is a focused approach to broaden the students' vision by exposing them to ancient cultures as well as contemporary advancements in architecture. Emphasis is placed on general knowledge, professional tools of the trade, sociological and environmental developments, construction techniques and general architectural design.

Graduates receive a Bachelor of Architecture degree and are qualified to work in all aspects of spatial design including urban planning, residential buildings, public buildings, green architecture and landscape architecture.

Graduates are eligible to continue on to a Master of Architecture degree in various fields.




An annual exhibition of student projects is held as part of the school's tradition. In this exhibition, seniors and selected students from junior years, get to showcase their projects, giving them professional exposure and showing appreciation for their efforts.

Every aspect of the exhibition is organized by senior students.

School of Architecture, Ariel University - sketch from the studio School of Architecture, Ariel University - sketch from the studio School of Architecture, Ariel University - sketch from the studio School of Architecture, Ariel University - sketch from the studio


Students Awards

The following awards were given to students of the school:

2008 – Ministry of Education, School Design Competition – Shirit Fink – 1st Prize 
2009 – International Solar Decathlon 2010, Madrid – selected to the final stage and exhibit
2010 – Israel Design Awards, Student Projects – Hilki Amrani – 1st Prize
2010 – Annual Azrieli Design Award Competition – Shirit Fink – Crowd Favorite
2011 – Israel Design Awards, Student Projects – Ofra Balavan-Goldberg – 1st Prize
2011 – Annual Azrieli Design Award Competition – Liad Malchi – Crowd Favorite
2011 – Israeli Architecture Magazine Annual Architecture Student Project Competition – Arye Sharon and Eldar Sharon – Creative Student A - Dinay Orenstein – 1st Prize
2012 – Israel Design Awards, Student Projects – Ortal Smol- The only student chosen for the exhibit out of all the participating Israeli students.
2013 – Israel Design Awards, Student Projects – Yael Keviti – 1st Prize
2013 – Annual Azrieli Design Award Competition – Eli Keller – Crowd Favorite







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