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Chairman: Dr Lev-On Elazar

The mass media fulfil a key role in modern society. The School of Communication offers a programme of study for the first degree in mass communication which combines a wide range of academic courses with rich professional occupational training. The purpose of the programme is, on the one hand, to produce professionals in the field of communications and in the sphere of government public relations who are also well versed in the intellectual academic literature on  mass communications, and, on the other hand, to produce academic  graduates who are qualified for higher degrees and research in mass communications.


Required courses ion mass communications which deepen knowledge and understanding including  Introduction to Mass Communications; Media Institutions; History of the Media in Israel and the World; Technology and the Media; the Media and the Legal System; Media Ethics. In addition, the School of Communications offers a variety of optional courses including The Law Courts and the Media; Psychological Warfare; Foreign Correspondents and Public Diplomacy; Internet campaigns; Gender and Nationalism in the Israeli Cinema; Children, Youth and the Media;  Trends in Mass Media Research.


In the second year each students writes a pro-seminar, and the third year an enlarged seminar from a broad choice of subjects including  Feminism, Masculinity and the Media; Sport and the Media; Terror, Conflict and Internet; Tourism, Media and Public relations, Contemporary American Cinema; Violence, Sex and the Media; Religion and the Media.


The school combines theoretical studies at a high academic level with practical training with some of the best professionals in media.  About a quarter of all courses are dedicated to professional/practical studies in the form of small workshops.


Professional studies are divided into five specializations:

New and Digital Communication: administrative specialization unique to the Ariel School of Communication, in which students learn the skills and tools required to manage work teams and interactive projects online.

Television and Film: the track is divided between cinema and television tracks. It includes courses in scriptwriting, single camera and multi-camera, film editing, and sound. From 2011 the television track will have a weekly tv programme.

Radio: The program trains students to broadcast a variety of programmes including news, current affairs, documentary. The program has at its disposal a modern well-equipped radio studio, and an additional one will be built in the coming year. This year (2009) the school will operate an educational/student-run radio station - 106 FM.

Journalism: The track trains students in reporting, interviewing writing and editing news events for newspapers and magazines. Includes covering news events such as a court trial and a press conference. Also, on line news journalism. The track produces the campus newspaper, Ariella.

Strategic Communication: Advertising & Public Relations. A variety of courses and workshops in the program allow students to specialize in all aspects of persuasive media: marketing, advertizing, spokesmanship, and PR.


A joint degree program is also available in combination with the Department of Economics, Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
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