Departments - A Comprehensive Educational Approach

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Departments - A Comprehensive Educational Approach

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Departments - A Comprehensive Educational Approach


Ariel University(AU) believes that higher education should not only create opportunities for the broadest population base of students, but also help to provide the manpower needed for development of the Israeli economy. AU has therefore developed a multi-level curriculum offering quality education and training from the level of technicians to the highest academic level of graduate studies.


a. Center for Design and Technology
AU offers diversified programs for training qualified technicians, practical engineers and other professions that do not require a university degree. Over 20 different subjects, all geared to the manpower needs of industry and services are offered.  About 1,000 students per year participate in these programs, offering certification in everything from municipal water management to video photography and editing. Students studying technology and design in practical engineering are usually given the opportunity to further their education in regular academic degrees in engineering and architecture. Though these programs have a very practical orientation, students from all over the country are drawn to study them at AU because of its reputation of academic excellence.


b. Preparatory Programs
AU operates a special preparatory program for students who did not attain the necessary prerequisites to be accepted to regular studies. Every year 1,500 young people are given a second chance to achieve the grades necessary to enter university study. After successfully completing the program, they may enroll in the faculty of their choice.

c. Academic Programs
Students today are offered opportunities in 24 departments in professions ranging from Criminology to Communications Therapy, and from Chemical Engineering to Physiotherapy. In the 2008-2009 academic year, Ariel University  has 4 faculties and 2 schools:


  • The Faculty of Engineering, offering B.Sc. degrees in 7 engineering departments and graduate studies in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • The Faculty of Science and Mathematics, offering B.Sc. degrees in 5 departments
  • The Faculty of Health Sciences, offering degrees in 5 departments
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences, offering undergraduate degrees in 6 departments and graduate studies in Behavioral Science, Psychology, Social Work and Business Administration
  • The School of Architecture - AU's architecture students of this school distinguished themselves in a national competition involving all major Israeli universities, by winning 4 of the 6 prizes presented.
  • The School of Communications
  • 8 Research Centers, with 220 scientists who are senior faculty members.


Poised for growth AU seeks to expand its graduate programs, thereby increasing the number of researchers joining its well established faculty. The anticipated doubling of the student body will enhance and add to AU's traditional level of research excellence.


d. Continuing Education
AU offers a department of continuing education for adults who have entered the job market in their professions and wish to expand their education and keep up to date. During the 2008-2009 academic year, over 500 people attended evening classes in a variety of different fields from Computer Science to Psychology.

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