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הדפסה דוא

The fabric of Israeli society continues to become more complex from day to day. Its basic diversity, while providing a rich panorama of cultural expression, also opens the door to problems of alienation and tension between different population groups. The leadership of Ariel University believes that by pursuing the goals it was founded upon, it will play an important role in mending the gaps between these groups and provide new opportunities for all of their students to realize their personal potential to the fullest.


  • By reaching out to every corner of Israeli society - religious and secular Jews, newcomers, multi-generational veteran Israelis, Arabs - without regard to political or religious beliefs or economic status, AU has created a culturally diverse student body that learns to live and work together.
  • By channeling resources to groundbreaking research and assembling a first-rate faculty, AU maintains high standards as a world-class research institution, providing all its students access to academic excellence.
  • By keeping its finger on the pulse of the needs of the Israeli economy, both in industry and public services, AU has created an innovative curriculum applicable to employment and career opportunities.
  • By requiring its students to study at least one course every semester related to Jewish and Israeli heritage, AU has created a cadre of young Israelis whose personal identity is linked to the future of the country and World Jewry.

The combination of these goals has made Ariel University Israel's fastest growing institution of higher education. Future growth depends upon resources. The objective is to reach a student population of more than 20,000 students. To accomplish this, AU needs to expand its state-of-the-art facilities and attract more faculty and researchers who are motivated to pioneer in their fields of interest.

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