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Research & Development

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Pioneering research and development in diverse fields for a healthier world and a safer environment, for Israel and the global community


Tangible Results in Over a Dozen Disciplines

From its inception, Ariel University has integrated research and development into its prime goal of educating the next generation of Israelis. The founders of the AU foresaw the contribution that cutting edge Israeli science and technology could provide back when the country's main exports were still agricultural. The influx of newcomers from the Former Soviet Union during the 1990s presented an even greater opportunity. Harnessing the creativity and knowledge of Russian-trained scientists, AU ventured into new fields of endeavor.


Some examples of innovative ideas being developed at AU:


  • Crystalline formations used in the production of surgical lasers for more precise, less painful medical procedures
  • A steering devices capable of detecting stress in pilots and drivers and warning them to take steps to reduce strain and ensure safety
  • Brain research that has identified and replaced genes responsible for depression in laboratory mice, working toward possible human applications
  • Replacing the use of chrome in metal coating processes for automobiles and aircraft. AU research has developed an alternative aluminum-based process providing the same reinforcement and anti-corrosive properties as chrome, which is known to be toxic and carcinogenic.
  • A house that changes its physical configuration with the seasons to make it more energy efficient is being planned and built by students of architecture at AU. The team of students will be the only Israeli delegation to compete in the prestigious 2010 European Solar Decathlon contest.
  • AU houses a major installation for research known as a Free Electron Laser (FEL) capable of producing lasers of the widest frequency and enabling a wide variety of development applications, from medical procedures to security devices.
  • The Technology Incubator, one of 23 in Israel, providing a basic infrastructure for developing new inventions. Voted the best facility of its kind in Israel in 2008.
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