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Violence, Conflicts and Unity in Family Context

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 Department of Criminology invites you to the

International Inter-Disciplinary Conference 


"Violence, Conflicts and Unity in Family Context:

A Reappraisal of Therapeutic and Judicial Doctrines"

 April 29-30, 2013

    Family hands    

The conference aims to present a multidisciplinary approach regarding the issues of family violence and conflicts, personal and social consequences of family violence, and coping strategies. The conference's emphasis is on the importance of equality in treatment of different victims of family violence: the elderly, men, women and children. The conference will focus on the systemic approach to domestic conflicts, and the need to protect victims on the one hand, without causing undue escalation through misguided intervention on the other.

The conference is interested in papers that illustrate criminological, psychological, sociological, legal, cultural, economic, gender and media related points of view on issue of family violence. We invite researchers and practitioners to submit abstracts presenting current research or new theoretical and practical approaches.  

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