The Integrative Brain Science Center - Ariel



In June 2007, the Integrative Brain Science Center-Ariel (IBSCA) was established at the Ariel University of Samaria. IBSCA_2

The purpose of the IBSCA is to investigate major brain functions and diseases using integrative research approaches encompassing molecular, behavioral, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, optical and mathematical techniques.

We aim to shed new light on various neurological approaches and to develop innovative therapeutic approaches.

The IBSCA comprise young scientists from different fields of science, whose graduates perform cutting-edge research using the latest technology.

The IBSCA serves as a platform for research collaborations with other institutions within Israel and around the world.


Flagship project:

  •  Development of novel devices for diagnosis of Attention deficits disorders
  •  Development of safe optical imaging and spectroscopy for diagnosis of neurological disorders
  •  Development of antipsychotic and neuroprotective natural drugs based on the Tibet medicine
  •  Understanding of molecular mechanism that are responsible for the post traumatic stress disorder and depression and development of new therapies.



Research Partners:

Dr.  Albert Pinhasov (Chairman) - Molecular Psychiatry research

Dr Gadi Turgeman - Stem cell research

Prof. Danny Baranes - Neuronal cells regeneration

Prof. Alexander Domishnizky - Mathematical Sciences

Dr. David Abookasis- BioMedical Optics Research

Dr. Stella Aronov - Cell Polarity and Aging

Dr. Dror Tobi - Bioinformatics


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