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Shatzmiller is leading a group in the area of Biological Chemistry. The topics of interest are: Short antibacterial peptides and peptidomimetics as antimicrobial potential drugs. Recently drug ?like compound were prepared and showed remarkable biological activity as bactericides for Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria (Staph. Aurous and E. coli respectively) in a sub micro molar concentrations. The research is typical for Drug Discovery were the synthesis as well as the biological tests are carried out by the collaborators in the group. Peptide Nucleic Acids is a front line research topic in the field of gene therapeutics. Since the deciphering of the human genome, gene surrogates are needed both for diagnostics as well as therapeutic compounds. The technology for the synthesis of short gene surrogate was developed and the interactions of theses with DNA as well as RNA were established. All work is done within the group. Magnetic nano-particles are in the center of an effort of introduction into cancer cells. The technology is based on coating the inorganic particles with a polymer and attaching to this by means of tether to a cancer cell destroyer ? a known natural product - to kill the cancer tumor. This novel technology for the drug delivery is presently developed in our laboratory

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