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Name PhD. Michael Manevich
Department The Department of Industrial Engineering & Management
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Study and Research of Methods of Projective Geometry and Analysis for Mathematic Modeling of Curves and Surfaces and their Computer Realization. 1) Development and implementation of novel geometric function using classical projective geometry methods. 2) Algorithms for construction of high-order curves and surfaces design technique by means of continuous projective transformations. 3) Ways to improve teaching methods based on CAD software capacity by using new geometry functions. 4) Computer algorithms and programs on Visual Studio for construction of light rays in diamonds and solution applied problems. Currently is working on a research with Prof. Y. Yarnisky from the Technion and the Institute of Diamonds in Israel. The name of the research is "?THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE OPTIMAL FORMS OF THE DIAMONDS ON THE BASIS OF THE COMPUTER MODELING OF LIGHT RAYS AND THERE POWER?.

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