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About Ariel Numerical Cognition Lab

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Welcome to the Ariel Numerical Cognition Lab

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General Research Interests:

The research focus of the Ariel lab is to extend the accumulated knowledge on embodied numerical cognition into cultures with different spatial practices. Specifically, embodied gestures and habits, such as reading and writing, require careful consideration as a potential pedagogical tool.  In previous studies we have conducted recently in Israel and the Palestinian authority, we investigated the mental representation of number within groups with different reading direction and counting habits, such as Palestinians, Israelis, and new immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia (Shaki & Fischer, 2008; Shaki, Fischer and Petrusic, 2009; Shaki, Fischer and Göbel, 2012).




Research Assistance:


  • Yael Weisblatt
  • Meital Rut Yosef


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