About The Center for Drug Repurposing

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research Center for Drug Repurposing

About The Center for Drug Repurposing

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CDR - Center for Drug Repurposing

Our Vision: "To alleviate suffering from disease

through rapid realization of novel uses of existing drugs"

The Center for Drug Repurposing is the world's first academic drug repurposing center. We utilize academic expertise and resources to speed the R&D process of drug repurposing for the benefit of patients worldwide. Our center enables patients to benefit from real-life target-driven drug repurposing opportunities.

Drug rediscovery is an innovative approach for drug development. Many approved medicinal products have multiple additional uses beyond those for which they have been approved. Discovering and developing new indications and innovative pharmaceutical forms and routes of administration usually leads to better, faster treatments at a greatly reduced financial risk.

The ever rising bar of regulatory requirements, the steeply rising costs of clinical trials and the lack of candidates for new drug development has led to the rapid growth of the repurposed drug market. As of 2012, the number of repurposed drug candidates (505(b)(2)) approvals in the USA has exceeded that of new drugs and the exponential growth rate continues. Drug rediscovery delivers pharmaco- therapeutical progress and addresses unmet medical needs.

The Center for Drug Repurposing (CDR) is a unique Public Private Partnership – operated jointly by Ariel University and Drug Rediscovery Ltd. The Center for Drug Repurposing (CDR) is managed by Moshe Rogosnitzky.

Press Releases

Contact Center for Drug Repurposing:

E: cdr@ariel.ac.il

T: 077-223-0047

Moshe Rogosnitzky, Director: moshero@ariel.ac.il

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