Hemostasis (stopping bleeding)

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Hemostasis (stopping bleeding)

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Gallium - a natural rare mineral with medicinal effects.

Gallium Crystals

Gallium is a rare mineral discovered in 1875, and primary used in the field of electronics. It has many medicinal effects and has been used for many years as an FDA approved treatment for hypercalcemia (due to bone breakdown) in cancer patients.


GaniteIn recent years it was serendipitously discovered that gallium, in liquid form (known as gallium nitrate) can rapidly halt bleeding from wounds. The first report was published in 2011.


How does it work?

Gallium works by inducing “flocculation” of the clotting protein in blood known as fibrinogen. This results in external clot formation. In stark contrast to other treatments for bleeding wounds, gallium does not induce clotting mechanisms in the blood. This avoids the highest risk of existing technologies that run the risk of causing internal blood clots. This novel mechanism was discovered at University of Lille in France, and published in 2013 in BioMetals.

The use of gallium for stopping bleeding from wounds provides additional benefits. Extensive research has shown that gallium is a very powerful anti-infective agent. At the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York it was discovered that gallium speeds the healing of wounds.


Next Steps

The process of bringing gallium to market for stopping bleeding from wounds, involves the following steps:

  • Establishing the best delivery mechanism (impregnated gauze or breakable capsule).
  • Comparative efficacy trial with other technologies for stopping bleeding. This trial will be carried out in anesthetized animals.
  • Filing for medical advice approval status with the relevant health authorities

Blood loss remains the leading cause of death from stab wounds and other external injuries. It is hoped that gallium will significantly reduce the mortality rate by providing an effective and safe answer for blood loss from wounds.


To support this project, please donate here: https://www.youcaring.com/stop-the-bleeding-535753



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