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For more information about  R&D, please contact:



Prof. Albert Pinhasov Vice President and Dean of R&D 03-9066290
Prof. Itzhaq Shai Vice Dean of R&D 03-9143006
Danny Hardon Director of R&D Authority 03-9066671
Adv. Orit Tassa Deputy Director of R&D Authority 03-9765789
Yael Fitoussi Office Manager 03-9066670
Celine Michlis Secretary of Vice President and Dean for R&D  074-7233024
Tali Gonen Research Analyst Coordinator 03-9758906
Alona Ben Ayun Head of Research Liaison Office 03-9371402
 Alla Dekhtyar

Information Specialist &  Funding Opportunities Coordinator

Michal Shainberger Research Training and Development Coordination


Efrat Tagher Head of Research Budget Management 03-9066672
Tanya Karpachev

Budget Officer

(Contracts Management) 

Sara Nagar 

Budget Officer

(Scholarship Management)

Asya Cherniavski  IT Coordinator  03-9143023
Dr. Michael Maoz LInguistic Science Editor 03-9143086
Ayelet Benkovitz  Research Coordinator 03-9143006




Fax: 03-9066621


Authority's offices are located at East Campus (Milken Campus), Administration Building (3A)

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