Genomic Bioinformatics laboratory

נכתב ע"י Mali Salmon   

Principal Investigator

Dr. Mali Salmon-DivonMali-Salmon-Divon

General Research Interests

Many of the challenges in genomics derive from the informatics needed to analyze and store the huge amount of data become available from microarray and sequencing technologies

 Modern genomic analysis involves the processing of high-throughput experimental data, and integration of data coming from different sources in order to understand genetic regulation and function. Utilization of these techniques requires the development of new algorithms and tools for effective storage, manipulation and visualization of genomic data.

The genomic bioinformatics laboratory headed by Dr. Mali Salmon-Divon, deals with the development of new tools and pipelines for the analysis of aspects of high-throughput sequencing data in order to investigate basic biological processes underlying human development and human health. The research is done in close collaboration with leading groups in various fields such as infection diseases, virology, cancer research and stem cell development.

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