The Center for Radiation Sources and Applications (FEL)

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The Structure:

 The Center includes two main divisions:

  1.   The Israeli FEL (Free Electron Laser) division - research and development.
  2.   User Center division - providing services and carrying out R&D projects for academic  and industrial radiation users
Israeli FEL BWO-THz Source
IsraeliFEL BWO


 Main activities:

  •  development of high power Free Electron Laser Sourse in millimeter wave
  •   development systems based on based on high and low power sources
  •   Providing microwave, millimeter-wave and THz radiation and related services for various scientific and technological applications (including biomedical, materials science, spectroscopy, imaging etc.).
  •   Consulting and assistance in design and set-up of radiation users experiments.
  •  Multidisciplinary students training in the fields of: electromagnetism, high voltage, RF power, radiation safety etc.


FEL Center

  "Free Electron Laser - Millimeter Wave Radiation and Applications"


 The EN-Tandem electrostatic accelerator of the Israeli FEL


FEL - Free Electron Laser

 The Israeli electrostatic accelerator FEL (EA-FEL), which is based on an electrostatic Van de Graaff accelerator was relocated to Ariel seven years ago and was upgraded to serve a user facility in the framework of the FEL - mm wave knowledge center.



In the year 2003 the FEL has returned to operation under a new configuration. In the present FEL, the millimeter-wave radiation, generated in the resonator, is separated from the electron beam by means of a perforated Talbot effect reflector. A quasi-optic delivery system transmits the out-coupled power through a window in the pressurized gas accelerator tank into the measurement room (in the previous configuration, radiation was transmitted through the accelerator tubes with 40 dB attenuation). This makes it possible to transmit useful power out of the accelerator and into the user laboratories.


The basic parameters of the FEL are summarized in Table. The acceleration voltage is set to be Ek =1.4 MeV in order to tune the frequency of the FEL radiation to the W-band.

  Parameters of the tandem electrostatic accelerator FEL.



4 5

The EA-FEL scheme



User Center

  Israeli Center for Radiation Sources and Applications

Israeli Center for Radiation Sources and Application was formed on the basis of Israeli Free Electron Laser (FEL) project. The activity of the FEL user center has grown considerably during the years.

  Israeli FEL output frequency is about 80 -130 GHz (at 3 mm wavelength) and output RF power up to 10 KW. While working on operating the FEL in a high-power regime we have also succeeded to set up a high-standard mm-wave research center based on low-power sources (solid state generators and backward-wave oscillators).

 At this stage we work in the range from 10MHz up to 1 THz. Our experts have an extensive experience in both operation and application of radiation sources for various R&D purposes.

 Our fields of expertise include (among others): investigation of the interaction between the electromagnetic waves and the matter (solids, liquids, gases, bio-materials), high-frequency communication technologies, mm-wave and THz spectroscopy and imaging, and other topics.

  Users come both from the academic and industrial sectors. Academic users come from almost all major universities including the College of Judea & Samaria, Technion, Hebrew University, Tel-Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University. Some industrial users are collaborating with the user center

through industrial consortia supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (in the framework of MAGNET program). Those are consortia dealing with communication technologies and Homeland Security issues. Major Israeli high-tech companies such as, for example, Elta and Elbit Systems are among the users of the Center.


Imaging - MM-W



Collaboration with Hebrew university

 Metal detector

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