Fluid mechanics and heat transfer lab

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Authority for R & D Fluid mechanics and heat transfer lab

Fluid mechanics and heat transfer lab

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Dr. Gad A. Pinhasi

General Research Interests

We are conducting research in the fields of combustion, boiling two-phase flow and explosive boiling. We are using numerical analysis and computational fluid dynamics to simulate the mechanisms of two-phase flashing flow. The work is concentrated on the following areas:

1.      Modeling of Flashing Two-Phase Flow.

The current work deals with flashing of a single pure substance. Models of bubble formation and growth are being developed. The two-phase models are used for analysis of the blowdown scenario. This subject is of critical importance for the investigation of the safety of compressed liquid systems.

2.      Numerical Model for Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion (BLEVE)

A numerical model is being developed for estimating the thermodynamic and the dynamic state of the boiling liquid during a BLEVE event. The model predicts, simultaneously, the bubble growth processes in the liquid at the superheat-limit state, the front velocity of the expanding liquid, and the shock wave pressure formed by the liquid expansion through the air.

3.      Simulating Fluid Dynamics using a Variational Principle

The current work is considered with a new way to solve the flow equations using a variational technique. The solution of the flow problem is obtained by using numerical algorithm to find the extremum value of an “Action” i.e. by a variational principle.

4.      Micro-Pumps.

A pumping effect was found when a vapor bubble is generated and then made to collapse repeatedly in a small straight channel connecting two reservoirs. This effect is being investigated theoretically and experimentally.

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