Homeland Security R&D Center



The Homeland Security R & D Center was established in 2006 at the College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel. Its members are comprised of a renowned research team in a variety of fields of knowledge and it provides the answer for development and application needs in the area of national security.hs1

The Center contributes to the following areas:


  • Detection of concealed weapons and explosives
  • Water and air pollution detection
  • Personal identification
  • Psychology and behavioral science
  • Port security
  • Detection of tunnels and supervision over subterranean infrastructures
  • Border monitoring
  • Aviation security


Research and development activities at the Center focus on the following fields:

  • Electromagnetic radiation (visible optics and IR, detection, imaging and spectroscopy in visible range, IR, millimeter waves and THz,).
    Robotics and mechatronics (development of autonomous vehicles for implementation in distant and subterranean areas; development of methods and software for motion planning and navigation of autonomous vehicles.
    Materials (polymers and composite materials; metals; chemicals; research of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with the matter).
  • Water monitoring - recognition of contaminants/poisons.
  • Biology - effect of radiation on biological tissues; protection from toxic biological substances
  • Mathematics and computers.
  • Natural disasters - earthquakes.
  • Psychology and behavioral science.

hs2We apply interdisciplinary and integrated approach to the development of homeland security technologies and facilities. We believe that only such approach will lead to the development of comprehensive monitoring and prevention systems capable of safeguarding people from terrorist attacks.



The R&D Center for Homeland Security
Head of the Center - Prof. Shmuel Sternklar
Manager - Danny Hardon
972-3-9066670, 972-3-9066336, 972-54-7740260
Fax - 972-3-9066320
Email: dannyha@ariel.ac.il


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