RF/Microwaves/MMwaves Research Laboratory

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Authority for R & D RF/Microwaves/MMwaves Research Laboratory

RF/Microwaves/MMwaves Research Laboratory

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Laboratory profile

By using professional team, modern measuring equipment and powerful circuits and 3D EM simulators the RF/Microwave/MM-wave Laboratory is able to offer potential clients a unique service at high professional level focused on the following areas:

  1. Contracting, subcontracting and consulting in RF/Microwave/MM-wave technologies as well as  quasi-optical THz components (link to poster8.pdf);
  2. R&D including fabricating prototyping devices and processes (link to poster7.pdf, poster5.pdf);
  3. Material characterization in RF/Microwave/MM-wave range ( solids, liquids, granules, powders ) - (link to poster6.pdf);
  4. Microwave monitoring liquids using specific markers, water quality monitoring (link to poster5.pdf);
  5. MM-wave monitoring of atmosphere attenuation(link to poster3.pdf);
  6. MM-wave imaging and non-imaging systems for remote detecting hidden objects (link to poster1.pdf, poster2.pdf, poster4.pdf, poster7.pdf);
  7. Electromagnetics and circuit simulations of RF/Microwave/MM-wave devices (see the selected references)

Subcontracting, consulting, collaboration with:

RAFAEL, ELOP, EORD, ELTA, MALCAM, CLP, GOJI, LDS, MTI, Hebrew University,  Tel Aviv University, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences , Manchester Metropolitan University, TAMAR, Israel Ministry of Defense, Israel Ministry of Agriculture, Israel Ministry of Environments, Israel Ministry of Industry & Trade , Beilinson Hospital, Luzzato@Luzzato, Physical Logic, Berthold Co., BHCO-Cleantech,  IARD, GFI, Fraunhofer Institute  for Applied Solid State Physics, EAIL Microwave, IARD, RF-Link, AXXANA, etc.

Examples of R&D activity

MM-wave imager with noise illumination



W-band FMCW radar for detecting persons

at distance 100m and more



330 GHz FMCW radar for 2D and 3D imaging



Passive mm-wave imagers



Portable Passive non-imaging sensor

detecting concealed metal and plastic objects at distance 3m



Portable active non-imaging sensor

detecting concealed metal and plastic objects at distance 3m



MM-wave and THz material characterization


Setups at 1THz and 330GHz


Microwave monitoring water quality,

beverages, crude oil, engine fuel, etc.



 Monitoring of attenuation mm-wave in atmosphere




The results of long- time monitoring of variation atmosphere attenuation at 94 GHz during



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