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Samaria & Jordan Rift R&D Center




The Samaria and Jordan Rift regional R&D Center was initiated by the late Dr. Yaakov Eshel during 1998. The R&D center was established as one of ten peripheral research centers, designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology to engage in applicative academic research. The fields of study assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology for each research center are aimed to promote academic research of specific regional challenges. The Samaria and Jordan Rift regional R&D center is academically regulated by the Ariel University and administratively by the ministry of Science and Technology.



According to the mandate given, the Samaria and Jordan Rift regional research center objectives are to engage in academic research that is aimed to establish specific understanding of regional aspects in social, environmental and agricultural fields of R&D for the welfare of the local communities. The regional research center is benefitting from the close vicinity of the Ariel University by utilization of its laboratory infrastructures and its skilled academic staff.



For the benefit of the communities the regional research center is active in several fields:

  • Applicative academic research:   identification of typical regional subjects and problems, demanding academic research, in particular in the fields of social, environmental and agricultural.


  • Culture and education:    the regional research center is encouraging the communities and individuals of the region, to participate in courses and educational programs, which are initiated by the regional research center


  • Advisory service: the regional research center is an advising authority to the regional councils as well as commercial organization and individuals.  The advisory services are given for thus subjects the R&D is exercising in:



 Social sciences   -      Head Dr. Miriam Billig
 Environmental research   -  Head Dr. Yaakov Anker
 Agriculture    -    Head Dr. Elyashiv Drori






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