The Tel Burna Archaeological Project's Lab

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Authority for R & D The Tel Burna Archaeological Project's Lab

The Tel Burna Archaeological Project's Lab

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Dr. Itzhaq Shai


At the Tel Burna Archaeological Project's Lab we analyze the finds from Tel Burna. This is a multi-periodical site located in the Shphelah that was settled in the Bronze and Iron Ages. The summit is defined by the distinct remains of fortification walls well dated to the Iron Age II (the 9th-8th centuries BCE). In Area B, directly below the surface, we reached a series of Late Bronze Age (13th Century BCE) surfaces relating to a massive building.  The building technique alongside the finds (e.g., pottery masks, figurines, chalices, bones) strengthens our suggestion that this area be interpreted as a cultic activity area.  The project is directed by Dr. Ithzaq Shai from Ariel University and with cooperation of scholars from Israel and abroad. Among them, one can mention Dr. Simone Riehl, Tubingen University (archaobotany); Dr. Matt Suriano, University of Maryland (epigraphy); Dr. David Ben-Shlomo, Hebrew University (provenance study); Ms. Tina Greenfield, Cambridge University and University of Manitoba (archaezoology); Jessie Pincus (GPR specialist).


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