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Microbe art

1 Aug 2019

Fascinating Klebsiella pneumoniae captured by Ayala Gancz

Microbe art

14 Mar 2019

Bright horse for future scientists

Microbe art
What's a beautiful painting!

20 Oct 2018

A magnificent microbiological masterpiece, richly decorated with Eschirichia coli (pink), Klebsiella pneumoniae (blue), and Proteus mirabilis (white) of great lab artist Ziv Dor interpreting the symbol of Ariel University.
Now it's an official Navon-Venezia lab logo.


4 Jul 2018

ISM Annual Meeting, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Ziv Dor feat. Katrin Michelle, our former Bachelor degree student

MinION sequencing

30 Jun 2018

Now we are using the MinION sequencing device from Oxford Nanopore Technologies! It's so handy!
It produces long DNA reads, and we combine them with Illumina short-reads that allows us to get complete genomes of the microbes and their plasmids.

Microbe art

14 Feb 2018

Who are worse: Pathogens or ...? By Ziv Dor

Microbe art

1 Jan 2018

Bacteria art by Ziv Dor

Microbe art

1 Jan 2018

Happy New Year!


24 Nov 2017

ISM Fall Workshop & The Israeli Society for Infectious Diseases Meeting "Molecular Pathogenesis: Encoding the Mechanisms of Infectious Diseases", Nof Ginosar