Most of my current research is being done within the K&CG lab.

I’m interested in several fields of computer science; my major research involves Computational Geometry Optimization. Theoretical work in Computational Geometry Optimization focus on optimization problems, and devising efficient geometric data structures and algorithms for input models tailored to real-world data. These Data structures and algorithms are often used in a wide range of more applicable fields such as: Computer Graphics, GIS, manufacturing processes, layout of VLSI circuits, Computational Molecular Biology, and Robotics. In specific:
  • Facility Location
  • Wireless Communication Optimization
  • Terrain Simplification
  • Navigation & Localization Algorithms for both GNSS & InDoor
  • Geometric Data Compression
  • Propagation models – for a wide range of RF communication

I’m a member in the following MAGNET Consortiums:

Software Projects:
New (in progress projects):