Dear Colleagues,

Mathematical modeling is a relatively new field of science, although mathematical description of complex high-temperature processes in multi-component systems has been attempted from soon after the emergence of this technology.


Over the past few years, efforts to use mathematical modeling and simulation of metal technologies have become widespread.  Increasingly, mathematical models are finding a greater application in the description of processes that are taking place in real technological systems.


Significant progress in this field can be achieved by means of combining theoretical research (structure and properties of metal, oxide, salt and other systems, thermodynamic parameters, kinetics of high-temperature processes taking place at the inter-phase boundaries) with applied study aimed at developing engineering models that will enable the optimization of the technologies and the creation of new materials with assigned composition and required properties.


Leading experts from seventeen countries are scheduled to present papers and participate in discussions on the structures and properties of metals, slags and fluxes, as well as on new solutions for welding and metallurgical technologies. 


Mathematical modeling is a modern tool, which will enable the scientists to make a quantum leap in the field of research and development of metal, composite, and other materials.  Our joint work at this conference will bring us closer to achieving this goal.



On the behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee I would like to use this opportunity to thank the sponsors of the event. The Conference would not have been possible without the support of the Israeli Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport. Our thanks also to GM-UMIT R&D Ltd. and AMTP Ltd. for their financial support, as well as for ASM International for the help in advertising the Conference.


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