The Tenth International Conference on Materials Technologies and Modeling

Material Technologies and Modeling
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference MMT-2018
Ed. by M. Zinigrad
Ariel, 2018-08-08


The Tenth international conference on Material Technologies and Modeling (MMT-2018) was held in Ariel University in August, 2018.

The conference was focused on modeling and simulation of physicochemical and technological processes; materials structure formation, thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of high temperature processes and polymer materials.

The most interesting papers presented at the conference, were chosen for publication in this issue. The complete list of the papers can be found on the website of the Conference:

We thank our sponsors for the extended support. In particular we should mention the Ariel University, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Municipality of Ariel city, Israel Materials & Processes Society and AEAI.  

  MMT-2018 Organizing Committee

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