The common Bi National Workshop Russia Israel is organized in accordance with the Agreement of Scientific Co-operation between the Russian and Israeli Academies of Sciences. The following stages of the Workshop were carried out during the last thirteen years in Russia and Israel: 2002 - Moscow and Ekaterinburg, 2003 - Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, 2004 - Saint-Petersburg, 2005 - Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Ariel), 2006 - Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, 2007 - Jerusalem, Ramat-Gan, Ariel, 2008 - Perm, 2009 - Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Ariel, 2010 - Belokurikha, 2011 - Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Ariel, 2012 - Chernogolovka, 2013 - Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Ariel, 2014 - Ekaterinburg, 2015 Ariel and Tel-Aviv, 2016 Ekaterinburg, 2017 - Ariel and Tel-Aviv, and 2018 Moscow.

   Israeli and Russian scientists from different universities and research centers of science visited university laboratories and centers and industrial concerns and plants. Some of the following joint activities were initiated: synthesis of the compact nanocrystal oxide materials and studying their structural, physical and chemical properties; thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics of metal and oxide; structure and properties of metal materials in solid state; thermal spray processes for surfacing; obtaining compact nanomaterials, investigating their structure and properties; mechanochemisty; plasma electrolytic oxidation; hardening of ferric and non-ferric metals by ultra-fine and nano- particles.

   All of the papers scheduled for presentation are included in this book. In addition, the papers are also systematically placed on the conferences/workshops homepage (general gate: The seventeen-year cooperation results induced an interest in both sides in expanding of collaboration themes. Support for continuing collaboration should be sought from the industry, and areas of practical application should be found for this purpose

                                         Academician Leopold Leontiev                                           Professor Michael Zinigrad

                                                                Russian Academy of Science                                                                       Ariel University, Israel

                                             Co-Chairman of the Workshop Organizing Committee                             Co-Chairman of the Workshop Organizing Committee



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