Ariel University
Materials Research Center

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      Dear Colleagues,

        The Center is founded in order to coordinate and promote the research activities been carried in the Ariel University
   in the field of materials engineering.

   Presently the following research groups are working in the
   framework of the Center:

  1. Advanced Materials Laboratory

  2. Metallurgy and Applied Nanoscience Research Lab

  3. Laboratory of Composite Films Fabrication 

  4. Biomaterials Laboratory

  5. Laboratory for Materials and Samples Preparation


   The special features of the research activities of the Center
   are as follows:

  1. Using of advanced techniques (such as mathematical simulation) for the optimization of existing materials technologies and development of new technologies and materials.
  2. Research in a field of materials for energy sources (solid oxide fuel cell, photovolaics materials, litium-ion battery materials, etc.).
  3. Solving various ecological problems by means of implementing alternative processes, utilizing alternative raw materials and developing green materials and technologies.
  4. Wide application oriented basic investigations aimed at providing strong scientific base for future applied research projects.

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Prof. Michael Zinigrad
Head of Materials Research Center


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