Ariel University
Materials Research Center

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                     Head of the laboratory: Prof. Michael Zinigrad


Areas of research:

1. Development of mathematical models of phase interactions in various technological processes:

- creation of a databases containing physical and chemical parameters of the interacting phases, thermodynamic and kinetic constants of the chemical reactions, technological parameters of the processes, etc.;

- development of basic deterministic models of interactions of metals, slags, and gases at high temperatures;

- development of engineering variants of the mathematical models for specific technological processes;

- development (on the basis of the mathematical models created) of computer programs that permit prediction of the composition and properties of products and optimization of technologies.

2. Development Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) using scandium.

3. Syntes organic & non-organic materials for printing inks .

4. Solar thermal energy using.


Main publications in the area of research proposed (2017 / 2018 years)

1 E. Borojovich, R. Bar-Ziv, O. Oster-Golberg, H. Sebbag, M. Zinigrad, D. Meyerstein, T. Zidki. Halo-organic pollutants: The effect of an electrical bias on their decomposition mechanism on porous iron electrodes. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volume 210, 5, pp. 255-262, 2017.
2 N. Kamanina, A. Kukharchik, S. Likhomanova, S. Serov, P. Vasilyev, A. Krasnopolski, A. Musin, M. Zinigrad. Advantages of the Materials Surfaces Nanostructuration. In the book "The optimization of composition, structure and properties of metals, oxides, composites, nano and amorphous materials" Bi-National Israel-Russia Workshop, Ariel, Israel, pp. 9-15, 2017.
3 A. Sobolev, A. Kossenko, M. Zinigrad, K. Borodianskiy, An Investigation of Oxide Coating Synthesized on an Aluminum Alloy by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in Molten Salt, Applied Sciences 7 (9) (2017) 889-898. DOI: 10.3390/app7090889.
4 S. Lugovskoy, N. Astashina, A. Lugovskoy, A. Kossenko, M. Zinigrad, G. Rogozhnikov. Investigation of the effectiveness of dental implant osseointegration characterized by different surface types. Special Issue "Advances in Enhancing Degradation Resistance of Metallic Implants by Surface Engineering". Metals 2017, 7(6), 203; doi:10.3390/met7060203 (IF 1.574)
5 A. Kossenko and M. Zinigrad. Special features of the formation of an oxide layer on magnesium alloys during plasma electrolytic oxidation. Glass Physics and Chemistry, Springer. Submitted.
6 A. Sobolev, A. Kossenko, M. Zinigrad and K. Borodianskiy. An Investigation of Oxide Coating Synthesized on an Aluminum Alloy by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in Molten Salt.,Applied Sciences 2017, 7(9), 889; doi:10.3390/app7090889.
7 G. Whyman, A. Kalashnikov, M. Zinigrad. On the dependence of the ionic conductivity on dopant concentration in the cubic zirconium oxide doped with oxides of trivalent metals. Solid State Ionics 316, pp. 34–37, 2018.


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