2018 International Conferences:

Tenth International Conference on Material Technologies and Modeling (MMT-2018)
The Seventeenth Israeli - Russian Bi-National Workshop 2018. “The optimization of composition, structure and properties of metals, oxides, composites, nano and amorphous materials”
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Name Michael Zinigrad Konstantin Borodianskiy Alexey Kossenko Albina Musin Svetlana Lugovskoy Alex Krasnopolski
Professor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Engineer

Title in MRC

Head of the MRC
Head of Advanced  Materials Laboratory
Head of Metallurgy and Applied Nanoscience Research Lab Head of XRD unit Head of Laboratory of Composite Films Fabrication  Head of  Biomaterials Research Laboratory MRC engineer


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Post address

Materials Research Center, Ariel University  Science Park, Ariel 40700, Israel

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