Ariel University’s Department Of Material Science- List Of Equipment 


FEG-SEM Tescan Mira 3

EDS system – Oxford Instruments X-MaxN detector, Czech Republic


XRD Panalytical X’pert Pro, Netherlands

Digital microscopy system–RH-2000-3D, Hirox , Japan.

Optical microscope –BX53MRF-S, Olympus (Tokyo, Japan) equipped with image analysis software – Clemex, Canada.

Thermo scientific Genesys 10s UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Particle analysis – Litesizer™ 500, Anton Paar, Austria.

Solor simulator & cell test station.

Abet Technologies, Inc., USA.

Multi-Range Fuel Cell Test System, Scribner, USA.

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Universal Materials Testing Machine –EZ50, Lloyd, UK.

Vickers Hardness Tester – FV-810, Future Tech, Japan.

Linear Abraser – 5750, Taber Industries, USA.

220 g Analytic Scales ASB-220-C2-V2, MRC, Israel

20 kg Scale BWLC-20-A2, MRC, Israel.

0.6 kg Semi-analytic scale BWLC-0.6-B1-V2, MRC, Israel.

Potentiostat Galvanostat – PARSTAT 4000A, Princeton Applied Research, USA.


IviumStat multichannel electrochemical analyser- Potentiostat, Ivium Technologies,

Plasma cleaner, MTI, USA.

High-Pressure Laboratory Reactor – BR-100, Bergof, Germany.

Dimatix  Thin Filp printer, Fujifilm, USA.


RF – DC Thin Film Sputtering Deposition System Model TFSP- 842, VST, Israel

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MSK-AFA 3 automatic thich film coater< MTI, USA.

Screen Printer, MTI, USA.

A home-made 40 kVA Plasma-electrolytiv oxidation station.






Planetary ball mills – PM100, Retsch, Germany.


Vacuum Mixer SFM-7, MTI, USA.

Planetary Centrifugal Mixer "THINKY MIXER, USA.

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Hoods, Israel




Hydroulic press, Turkey

Furnace ELF 11/14B (1100°C), Carbolite, UK.

Furnace HTF-1800 (1800°C), Carbolite, UK

CWF 13/13 (1300°C)  – Carbolite, UK.

Furnace Top 16/R (1300°C) – Nabertherm, Germany.

Furnace MSF 11-4 MRC, Israel

Digital Drying Oven 60L, 250 ?C

SCILOGEX MS7-H5550-Pro Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

GT SONIC 3L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

Polisher LabForce-100 Struers

Automatic Cleaning Equipmennt: Lavamin Struers

Mounting Press Struers

Desktop Engraver CNC Machine OMIOCNC X4-800


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