Ofir Pele


Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
Ariel University
Building 11
Room 11.3.13D
Office phone: +972-74-780-8943
Email: ofirp@ariel.ac.il

Open positions for excellent and motivated M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and postdocs !

Research topics include (but not limited to):
- Distance functions and machine learning with general distance functions
- Navigation and mapping using various sensors such as optical, thermal etc. (collaboration with Dr. Boaz Ben-Moshe)
- Learning to detect hidden objects using millimeter, regular and depth imaging (collaboration with Prof. Boris Kapilevich)


* The Tangent Earth Mover's Distance
Ofir Pele, Ben Taskar
GSI 2013, Oral [pdfbibtex,  soon code]
* The Pairwise Piecewise-Linear Embedding for Efficient Non-Linear Classification
Ofir Pele, Ben Taskar, Amir Globerson, Michael Werman
ICML 2013 [pdfbibtex code,   movie]
* Improving Perceptual Color Difference using Basic Color Terms
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ArXiv 2012 [pdfbibtex code ]
* Distance Functions: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
Ofir Pele
Ph.D. Thesis 2011 (includes a new non-linear, non-Mahalanobis metric learning method in chapter 5) [pdfbibtex ]
* Spectral-Based 2D/3D X-ray to CT Image Rigid Registration
Moti Freiman, Ofir Pele, Aviv Hurvitz, Michael Werman, Leo Joskowicz
SPIE 2011 [pdfbibtex ]
* The Quadratic-Chi Histogram Distance Family
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ECCV 2010 [pdfbibtex homepage code]
* Fast and Robust Earth Mover's Distances
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ICCV 2009 [pdfbibtex homepage code]
* A Linear Time Histogram Metric for Improved SIFT Matching
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ECCV 2008 [pdfbibtex homepage code SiftDist code EMD_MOD ]
* Robust Real Time Pattern Matching using Bayesian Sequential Hypothesis Testing
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
PAMI 2008 [pdfbibtex homepage code (Alg. 5 clean code) code (all code) ]
* Accelerating Pattern Matching or How Much Can You Slide?
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ACCV 2007 [pdfbibtex]


2010   ECCV 2010 Tutorial: Distance Functions and Metric Learning
2005-2010   Programming workshops in C (67316) and C++ (67317)