SiftDist Code (C++ and Matlab wrappers)

The code computes the SiftDist distance between SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform) descriptors and also match between SIFT descriptors. The approach was described in the paper:
"A Linear Time Histogram Metric for Improved SIFT Matching" [ ].
The first version is the one from the paper. Newer versions are improvements and will give different results.

FastEMD - code that computes EMD with any thresholded distance very fast.
Quadratic Chi (QC) - code that computes the new Quadratic Chi histogram distances (proposed at ECCV 2010) very fast.

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To get started download the zip file and read the README.txt file, or simply start looking at the demo_SiftDist.m file.   29.7.2009 (added compiled binaries)     19.2.2009     25.7.2008