The Israeli Robotics Association



Sino-Israeli Robotics Institute, Guangzhou

Stepping up the Sino-Israeli Cooperation in Robotics


For the first time, an Israeli delegation of Robotics companies and experts visited China to strengthen the Sino-Israeli cooperation in robotics.  The delegation of nine Israeli companies, led by Prof. Zvi Shiller, the Chair of the Israeli Robotics Association (IROB), and Prof. Moshe Shoham, the founder of Mazor Robotics, inaugurated the Guangzhou Sino-Israeli Robotics Institute (SIRI).  It will serve as a “home” for Israeli robotics companies when operating in the Chinese market. 


The delegation also participated in the 2nd Sino-Israeli Robotics Innovation Conference, held during December 12-15, 2016.  The conference attracted over 100 robotics companies from the Guangdong Province of which more than 40 participated in B2B meetings with the Israeli companies: Mazor Robotics, Netzer Precision, Vayyar Imaging, Elmo, RescuDose, FlowMed, ZutaLabs, RobotiCan, Nextwave Robotics.


In the picture: the delegation at the Guangzhou Robotics Center.    


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