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Yosef Pinhasi is a Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Ariel University. He was born in Israel on May 3, 1961, received the B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University, Israel in 1983, 1989 and 1995 respectively. During the years 2003-2007, he served as the chairman of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and is the head of the Institute of Technological Research for Defense and Homeland security.


Since 1990 he is working in the field of electromagnetic radiation, investigating mechanisms of its excitation and generation in high power radiation sources like microwave and millimeter wave electron devices, free-electron lasers (FELs) and masers. He developed a unified coupled-mode theory of electromagnetic field excitation and propagation in the frequency domain, enabling study of wideband interactions of electromagnetic waves in media in the linear and non-linear (saturation) operation regimes.


Prof. Pinhasi investigates utilization of electromagnetic waves in a wide range of frequencies for various applications such as communications, remote sensing and imaging. His space-frequency approach is employed to study propagation of wide-band signals in absorptive and dispersive media in broadband communication links, and wireless indoor and outdoor networks, as well as in remote sensing radars operating in the millimeter and Tera-Hertz wavelengths.


Prof. Yosef Pinhasi is the head of many research projects granted by the Israeli Science foundation, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Ministry of Defense. He published papers and articles in scientific journals, presented his work in national and international conferences and meetings and carries consultation works in communications to the industry and governmental ministries. In 2007, the book "Foundations of modern communications" and in 2008 the book "Digital communications and modems", written by him were published. Prof. Pinhasi serves as the chairman of the Communication Technology and Smart Houses Chapter, the Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Israel.





Electromagnetic radiation: Space-frequency techniques of modeling the interaction of electromagnetic radiation and medium, high power generation of millimeter, Sub-millimeter (THz) and far infra-red (FIR) radiation, free-electron lasers (FEL) and masers (FEM), wave transmission and propagation, radiative power beaming, electro-optics and lasers, optical electronics and communications, mechanisms of noise, spontaneous and super-radiant emissions in electronic and optical systems.


Communications and remote sensing: Analog and digital modulation methods for audio video and data transfer, indoor and outdoor wireless and cellular communications, spread-spectrum and low probability of intercept (LPI) techniques, secure communications, multiple access in communication networks, analysis of multi-channel interference, accurate time and frequency systems, satellite communications, fading and multi-path effects, reliability and availability of radio links, wireless communication and remote sensing detection in the EHF and Tera-Hertz bands.


Integrated electronics: Analog and digital circuits, high fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio amplifiers and tuners, wireless transmitters and receivers, radio frequency (RF) circuits and communication techniques.



1. Electronics

2. Piano playing

3. Radio amateur (call-sign: 4Z4 VC)








1.     Physical foundations of electronic communications ISBN 978-965-7376-08-9

2.     Digital communications and modems ISBN 978-965-7376-15-7




3.     Stochastic processes and noise in electronic and optical systems




1.     Communication circuits and techniques

2.     Noise mechanisms in electronic and optical devices





1.     Introduction to communication systems

2.     Digital communications and modems

3.     Communication circuits and techniques

4.     Noise mechanisms in electronic and optical systems

5.     Communication laboratory




1.     "Dynamic range considerations in amplifiers":

Part 1: WaveTech Journal 13, September 2007

Part 2: WaveTech Journal 14, December 2007

Part 3: WaveTech Journal 15, February 2008


2.     " Principles of satellite communications ", WaveTech Journal issue 17, May 2008





1.     High power stereo amplifier

2.     Audio power amplifier

3.     Stereophonic audio mixer

4.     MPX stereo and SCA FM tuner

5.     HF-Transceiver

6.     HF-Tube power amplifier

7.     Amateur bands SSB/AM/FM receiver






        Member of the committee of The Israeli Ministry of Communications award for 2002

        Member of The 26th International Free-Electron Laser Conference Program Committee, held in Trieste, Italy, 29 August - 3 September, 2004.

        Chairman of the 8th Israeli Conference on Plasma Science and Applications, held in Ariel University Center on January 23, 2005

        "Ariel College Creating New Wave Lengths in Laser Research", by Yehezkel Laing, The Jerusalem Post, February 17, 2005

        Israel Renewable & Alternative Energy Technologies

        WaveTech article

        AVNET 37 Consortium

        ISRC Consortium - About ISRC-Researchers

        Electricity 2007

        Workshop on Application of Electromagnetic Radiation and Electro-optics in Homeland security

        Artutz 7 article

        Reshet Bet radio interview February 28, 2008 (6:50 AM)

        Arutz 7 television interview February 28, 2008

        "Fighting terror beyond limits of human eyesight ", by Yaakov Lappin, The Jerusalem Post, February 28, 2008

        Electronics article

        Koteret Ezrachit article


        Member of the organizing committee of IEEE COMCAS 2008, held in Tel-Aviv, Israel, May 13th and 14th, 2008.

        Electricity 2008







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