Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Department Chair: Dr. Uzi Ben-Shalom


A joint program with the department of Sociology and Anthropology may be taken in combination with a variety of other departments. A joint program is recommended with the following departments:


Combined studies in sociology and anthropology equip students with the tools to understand society in a methodical way, and provide them with insights into seemingly new and unknown aspects of man and society. Students of sociology and anthropology are faced with many of today's global issues (which also affect Israeli society) such as: poverty, social gaps and distress, crime, foreign workers, state and religion, human resources and organizational behavior, mass immigrations and immigrant integration, financial crises and their social consequences, security and social problems, technological progress and human behavior, public opinion and politics, mass media and the internet.

Studies in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology emphasize various aspects of day-to-day life in Israel that stem from contradictions inherent to the State of Israel - a nation state on the one hand, and a multitude of ethnicities on the other. In addition to theoretical background in various sociological and anthropological disciplines, students will be acquainted with aspects of the reality in Israel.

The joint program is based on an existing academic program that has gained experience and produced many graduates, some of which have continued their studies towards a masters and even PhD in various academic institutions in Israel. The program matches many other university programs in the field and prepares students to join the workforce or continue in research.

The department attempts to provide its graduates with practical tools for integration in organizational, community and management frameworks.


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