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Welcome to the March issue of Israel Robotics News, the newsletter of the Israeli Robotics Association.  


This issue features Friendly Robotics, the recipient of the 2013 Best Exporter Award, and an interview with its founder, Udi Peless; an interview with Prof. Leo Joskowitz of Hebrew University, who is making strides in the field of medical robotics; and a summary of a successful workshop we held on Innovation Meets Robotics.


Since the publication of the previous issue in September 2014, a number of events have occurred that indicate the accelerated development of the field of robotics in Israel and worldwide: Two robotics companies, Friendly Robotics and Maytronics, have for the first time been awarded the 2013 Best Exporter Prize; Yaskawa built a state-of-the-art robotics center in Israel, to facilitate the application of robotics in the Israeli industry; Boston Dynamics, owned by Google, has released a quadrupedal robot, powered by electric motors, that displays impressive mobility on difficult terrain, and persistent rumors tell of Apple entering the field of autonomous cars.


These events constitute a watershed for the development of robotics in Israel and worldwide. I sincerely hope that the global awakening in robotics will not pass by the Israeli robotics industry.


Prof. Zvi Shiller, Chair

Israeli Robotics Association

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A Spotlight on a Company


Friendly Robotics- The Neighbor's Grass is better groomed

The Israeli company, Friendly Robotics, which manufactures lawn-mowing robots, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  It was awarded the 2013 Best Exporter Award.  With an estimated market growth at 30% per year, the future looks even greener, and well groomed.

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A Spotlight on a Researcher


Prof. Leo Joskowitz, Hebrew University

The research passions of Professor Leo Joskowitz, a seasoned, multidisciplinary computer scientist, span a variety of fields, including computer-aided mechanical design, computational geometry, computer-assisted surgery and medical robotics, especially for orthopedics, neurosurgery, and radiology. He's involved in developing a clinical support system for radiologists - a large bank of scans that will become the Google of radiology imaging; he's working on developing a method to reduce the harmful exposure of patients to accumulative radiation in repeat CT scans by an order of magnitude; and he is developing orthopedic systems using haptic - sensory – devices.

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Workshop—Innovation meets Robotics


Innovation Meets Robotics

Dec. 30, 2014, Google Campus Tel Aviv

Leading researchers and industry professionals in the robotics field met at a workshop entitled “Innovation Meets Robotics,” hosted by the Israeli Robotics Association at Google Campus Tel Aviv, to discuss the potential growth of the field of Robotics in Israel and the need for governmental support to stimulate this growth.  Innovation was recognized as a major advantage of the Israeli industry, whose main resource is the Israeli talented technical workforce.

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