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Prof. Iris Reychav holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben Gurion University of the Negev. She spent 10 years at Motorola in the field of information systems. She earned her Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University’s Graduate School of Business Administration, and did her post- doctoral work at Tel Aviv University in cooperation with INSEAD. She Joined Ariel University in 2009, and served as the Head of Industrial Engineering & Management Department and Head of the Graduate Program in Robotic & Human Factors between 2015-2017.
Special Teaching Achievements
  • As part of the desire to expose students to real-life situations, deliberations and decision-making processes, Prof. Reychav initiated and led together with Prof. Dr. Sacha Götte from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Engineering and Architecture’s Master of science in engineering, an international exchange program. The course in Switzerland focused on a Business Game simulation and advanced global technologies, while in Israel the focus was on CRM and Digital Transformation. The course included in-depth visits to leading companies visits such as Liebherr Machine Bulle, Pilatus Aircraft, Schindler, and Maxon Motor (in Switzeland) and Amdocs, Microsoft, SAP, ISCAR (in Israel). Each week-long course was held with mixed student teams from both institutions, and the courses gained great feedbacks.

  • Memorandum of understanding with Southern Utah University

  • Undergraduate Mentoring Projects in collaboration with Leading companies which led to recruitment of participating students.
  • Fostering the experience of learning with disruptive technologies
    Prof. Reychav emphasizes teaching and research in tight connection with industry. She believes in the importance of exposing the students to real life practices and enhancing their skills to work in the environment of the 21st century. In this context, She established a collaborative lab where she holds undergraduate courses in information systems and customer relationship management in an interactive team methodology, in which students interact in groups and collaborate while using their mobile technologies. She also held a seminar for master program on the topics of IOT & Smart Cities, and Collaborative Robots including projects that were done in a textile company that implemented collaborative robots.

    The collaborative platform in the lab was also utilized to host a joint inter-disciplinary project of students from industrial engineering and students from Architecture guided by Dr. Michal Moshe. Project teams were built and the teams presented their work in the competition held by the Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC) on Israel challenges at 2048. Learning experience of the students were amazing, students learn to collaborate between discipline while focusing on problem solving cases.
  • 2018 Outstanding researcher in the University – Grant

  • 2018 Contribution to Research Evaluation- Grant
  • Current Graduate and Post Graduate Mentoring
    PhD Candidate in IOT in Organization
    PhD Candidate in BIM Technologies
    PhD Student in Mediating Learning
    Technologies and Social Skills
    PhD Student in Online Interaction
    PhD Student in Personalized Medicine
    PhD Student in Smart Cities in collaboration with DCU (Ireland)
    Master Student in Social Networks in Hi-tech Company
    Master Student in Mobile technologies for
    Health measurement of self-reports In Clinics
    Post PhD Student from China Machine Learning in Health
    Mentoring Students at the TAU School of Medicine in their thesis.
    Current Projects Collaborations
  • Assuta Medical Center Hospital : Empowerment patients through Mobile in Genecology clinic , Improving Utilization of operation room, Big Data Of MRI Test diagnosis, EMR Application on the mobile for Nurses.

  • Maccabi HMO- Big Data on Risk Analysis, EGPRN International Research Collaboration on Mobile technologies in Physician Waiting room.

  • Mobile application for patient self-report in clinic and among senior people, Mobile in diabetic Clinic.

  • Tel Aviv Medical Center- Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC): Prediction Analysis

  • Hi-tech- Sentiment analysis in Yammer Platform, Social Network Analysis in Yammer Platform, Idea evaluation by Machine learning.

  • VR in Learning and training Platforms

  • Collaborative Robots interactions in companies

  • Chat in Collaborative Platform

    “Impacts of Information Technology on Patient Care and Empowerment“

    to be published by IGI Global in 2019 or 2020


    Health care today has been irrevocably altered by patient access to information technology. Not only to do patients seek out health-related information using Internet-based sources, they also expect to have access to technology that facilitates all aspects of their health care experiences. These expectations range from information availability prior to interaction with their health care providers, extends into their waiting room experiences, their physician interactions, their treatment options and choices, procedural and decision-making matters, and subsequent follow-up care. Gamification, Internet of Things, Mobile Computing, Big Data, Social Media and other technologies form the core of their expectations. More than ever, patients are empowered to shape their own health care experiences and this trend shows no signs of slowing down or reversing. This book provides a snapshot of current patient experience-centered research areas and offers ideas for the future of this field. Health-related information technologies have created new venues for patients and their families to interact with health care providers, actively manage their care, subsequently experience better outcomes. These new technologies offer new ways for physicians to partner with their patients in improve quality of care in a transformative way. This book examines existing challenges as well as potential opportunities for improving patient care, empowerment, personalization, and outcomes through emerging health information technology.


    “Impacts of Information Technology on Patient Care and Empowerment“

    Publisher Information

    This book is scheduled to be published by IGI Global, publisher of the "Information Science Reference" (formerly Idea Group Reference), "Medical Information Science Reference," "Business Science Reference," and "Engineering Science Reference" imprints. The book is tentatively scheduled for placement in the “Advances in Medical Technologies and Clinical Practice (AMTCP)” book series ( For additional information, please visit
    “ Research is creating new knowledge ”
    -Neil Armstrong-