School of Architecture


Dean: Prof. Arch. Beni-Reuven Levy

Bachelor of Architecture Studies (B. Arch) at the School of Architecture

The School of Architecture at the University of Ariel was established in 1995. The childhood landscapes and family residences of our students and teachers span across the entire country – from Dan to Eilat, from the Jordan River to the sea and beyond. During the 1990s, around the time the school was founded and established, there was a massive wave of immigration from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. Subsequently, the school benefitted from the addition of new students and teachers from this immigration wave, alongside immigrants from Europe, Latin America and North America. The newcomers joined Israeli-born students and teachers from rural and urban areas alike, Hebrew and Arabic speakers, religious and secular, with different opinions and world views.


This human diversity reflects our strong belief in cultivating a pluralistic, tolerant and inclusive society and promoting fruitful dialogue between people of different beliefs and lifestyles, based on mutual respect and sincere dialogue. This great human variety influences the choice of topics we discuss, the contents that concern the students and the teachers, and their values. As such, we focus on sustainable architecture, including its local, regional and global aspects, with an emphasis on topics such as: ecology and energy conservation, advanced construction technologies, contextual urbanism, conservation and restoration of historical areas, and contemporary architectural design based on the past along with sober and responsible forward thinking. In addition to the regular curriculum, the school also offers rich extracurricular activities, including lectures by top guest speakers from Israel and abroad, summer seminars in various locations in Israel and abroad, student exchange programs and extensive international partnerships with parallel academic institutions around the world, as well as graduates exhibits in city centers in Israel.

The school is committed to training and nurturing its students and teachers for excellence, professionalism and open mindedness, encouraging their professional progress based on clear criteria of classification, examination and selection. Graduates of the school are trained to be creative people who can think independently and work as part of a team; professionals who respect the trade and know all the ins and outs, exhibiting social and environmental responsibility and sensitivity; engaged and influential individuals imbued with a sense of duty and a desire to promote a quality living habitat.


The School of Architecture at the University of Ariel boasts many graduates, and as such, it sets especially high standards for completing a degree in architecture. This in order to ensure maximum quality for its graduates, who successfully integrate in all areas of the architectural discipline and represent the school honorably in the field and in academia.

The founder of the school, Prof. Yossef Schweid, served as the head of the school for six years, and viewed the School of Architecture in Ariel as a kind of “return to the roots”, both historically and professionally. Prof. Saadia Mandel succeeded him as the head of the school for three years and championed the school as a place that cares about historical preservation and sustainability. Prof. David Cassuto served next as the head of the school for four years, and his main goal was to enhance the teaching system. Prof. Beni R. Levy served next as the head of the school for seven years, turning it into a leading institution in its field in Israel, guided by values ​​of ethics, ecology, professionalism, solidarity, and beauty. He was succeeded by Prof. Gilad Duvshani who served in the position for three years and emphasized locality in architecture. In 2018, Prof. Beni R. Levy returned to the position and set out to push the school forwards towards new challenges, in accordance with the basic values ​​of the school in the everyday, as well as a basis for meaningful, high quality and relevant architectural work, for the benefit of society and the environment in Israel and abroad, according to the needs and values ​​required of architects in the 21st century.