Algorithms Research & Development Laboratory

Research Topics: Learning Theory, Machine Learning Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, FPGA, GPU

Head of Lab: Prof. Joel Ratsaby

Research Overview

We have several research activities as listed below:

We develop machine learning algorithms on hardware (“bare-metal”) such as, FPGA accelerator boards, and massively parallel machines such as the DGX station.
Examples of applications: image classification using universal image distance, data compression, and large-width learning algorithm. 
We study the statistical and mathematical theory of machine learning.  This involves analyzing the complexity of learning of different problems, such as learning pattern classification, on various kinds of input spaces. For instance, on non-Euclidean spaces (which are also called distance spaces). 



Joel  Ratsaby, Ph.D.

Algorithms Research & Development Lab

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

Ariel University of Samaria

Ariel, Israel