About ASI

Ariel Scientific Innovations (ASI) is the technology transfer office for Ariel University. ASI is a central location for the technology development initiatives, entrepreneurial activities, industry collaborations and commercially-oriented innovations across the university. ASI’s core mission is to facilitate the transfer of inventions from academic research labs to the market for the benefit of society. ASI currently has patent assets available for licensing, across research fields such as bio, IT, clean tech, devices, big data, nanotechnology, materials science and more. 

Our Vision

  • Ariel Scientific Innovations strives to be a leading technology transfer company committed to transforming Ariel University (AU) technologies into products having a positive impact on society.
  • Ariel Scientific Innovations will act as a professional partner to AU researchers by identifying innovations, patenting their inventions, supporting applied research, and commercializing the results to selected commercial partners.
  • Intending to be one of industry’s preferred sources for breakthrough research and technologies, ASI will bring an entrepreneurial and creative spirit to its partners, focusing on collaborations tailored to their needs.
  • Ariel Scientific Innovations is committed to creating value for the promotion of research at AU as reflected by its core values of partnership, creativity, service, integrity, and excellence.

ASI's Membership

Israel Advanced Technology Industries

Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) is Israel’s umbrella organization of the high-tech, life science and other advanced technology industries. IATI is Israel’s umbrella organization of the high-tech, life science and other advanced technology industries.

The Israel Tech Transfer Organization

The Israel Tech Transfer Organization (ITTN) serves as the umbrella organization for Israel’s technology transfer companies. These companies are affiliated with the country’s world-renowned universities and academic research institutions.

 Israel Export institute

The Israel Export Institute  is an Israeli governmental agency which operates under the Ministry of Trade and Labor to facilitate trade opportunities, joint ventures, and strategic alliances between international businesses and Israeli companies.

Association of University Technology Managers

The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing research to life by supporting and enhancing the global academic technology transfer profession through education, professional development, partnering and advocacy. 


ASI is a board member of TechConnect.  TechConnect is a global technology outreach & development organization, matching highly qualified emerging technologies with corporate, government and investment partners through community driven peer-review programs.