Qrons Inc

Founded in 2016, Qrons is a publicly traded, preclinical biotechnology company, developing advanced cell-based solutions to combat neurological injuries.


iNNOGING Medical Ltd

iNNOGING is dedicated to improving ultrasound image analysis from any ultrasound device – anywhere, at any time. iNNOGING singular technology enables radiologists and physicians to remotely analyze ultrasound scans as if the patient was right next to them. iNNOGING aims to revolutionize ultrasound image analysis and improve ultrasound diagnostics around the world.

Memic Medical Ltd

Memic’s advanced robotic technology is composed of miniature, humanoid shaped, articulated arms that mimic human dexterity and surpass human flexibility. The robotic arms can be controlled via various proprietary control consoles, to maintain natural control of the humanoid arms. Surgeons can thus operate precisely in the tightest of anatomical spaces without risk to nearby organs and tissue.



Founded in 2011, Diabest is a privately held company, developing a botanical dietary supplement to treat diabetes, based on Sarcopoterium Spinosum extract (approved by the Israeli MOH). While focused on type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease, the technology could potentially treat a wide range of metabolic disorders.


yAlgae has developed a technology to treat pollutants in a green and sustainable manner while keeping capital and operating costs low. Currently focused on treating gaseous and liquid waste streams within power plants, the yAlgae treatment process can also be used to treat other forms of pollution.



Enolog Technologies is developing an autonomous control system for fermenting red wine. Its sensors provide real-time readings of the fermentation status in each tank, including temperature, color, density, and sugar concentration. These metrics are then analyzed and added to a database that provides enologists with an analytical tool to optimize the fermentation process. Command modules control the systems involved in the process, such as temperature and mixing, enabling the enologist to focus on other activities..


ETV Energy is developing lithium-ion batteries for the automotive and high-end markets. ETV Energy has already gained a foothold in the high-end market with a derivative of this technology that delivers 400 Wh/kg


M. Energy

M Energy is developing Fuel cells based on dimethyl ether for improving the range of UAVs and drone