Larry Loev


Larry Loev holds an M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has an extensive background in the Israeli hi-tech industry, having held positions such as engineer and project manager and gaining experience in varied technologies such as thin film FAB, CO2 lasers, image processing, thermo-optical selective coatings and electro-optic diagnostic devices. From 1995 to 1998, Larry was general manager of CEFAR, a start-up company developing innovative image capture cards. Larry was R&D manager at Medical Enterprises, a medical device company developing equipment for treating bladder cancer.  Before joining Ariel Scientific Innivations, Larry was director of business development at Ramot, the technology transfer office of Tel Aviv University for seven years.

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Tamir Levital

Director of Business Development
for Life Sciences

Brings 15 years of healthcare management experience, including over a decade as a CEO of a medical device start-up. Tamir has vast experience in healthcare business development, fundraising, managing R&D, clinical trials, medical regulation, legal aspects and patents. He led a company from inception to the commercialization of groundbreaking pain management system; Facilitated and closed a multi-million dollar strategic agreement with a global partner. Mr. Levital holds an M.Sc. in Animal Science from McGill University, Montreal, Canada; and a B.Sc. in Biology from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 


Zvi Cheshnover

Director of Business Development for Engineering and Natural Sciences

Zvi manages business development activities and technology commercialization for the fields of Engineering, Natural Sciences, and CleanTech technologies developed at Ariel University. Prior to joining Ariel Scientific Innivations, Zvi served as Program Manager, R&D Incentives Manager and Business Development Director at Scientific Wizard Ltd, a privately held accelerator. Zvi fulfilled these roles for five subsidiary start-up companies with extensive areas of activities. These companies include: Spring Biomed Ltd (medical devices based on spectral imaging), Traffix Safety Ltd (smart traffic analysis), DarKnight Security Ltd (Home Land Security UVIS & covert surveillance systems), Big Band TV Ltd (mobile image/voice/video clip transmission service and community) and E-Quality Solutions Ltd (wind mapping). Additionally, Zvi is a chemical engineer and a Lieutenant Colonel (res.) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).  Zvi served for 22 years working on R&D of Chemical and Biological Warfare Protection. His last role was the Head of Doctrine and R&D Branch, CBRN Center, IDF.

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Lena Kuzminsky

Budget & Control Manager

Inna Raskin

Patent Coordinator

Yosfit Hotz

Office Administrator