The Bruckner Autism Research Center​

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The Bruckner Autism Research Center

The center is directed by Prof. Esther Ben-Itzchak.

Goal –

The goal of the center is to develop and improve autism spectrum disorder (ASD) research,

In order to better understand the various facets of ASD: its nature, etiology, social-communicative and language deficits, diagnosis, effects of intervention over time and to develop new means to assist individual with ASD.

History –

The Center was donated by Mrs. Miriam Alvaro Bruckner in memory of her husband   

Melech Bruckner z”l (Argentina, 1931-2010) 

An eminent community leader and distinguished academic in the field of engineering.

Collaborations –

  • The Bruckner Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research collaborates with clinics and scientists, including:

  • The Autism Center, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, Zerifin, Israel – Prof. Ditza Zachor, Dr. Orit Stolar

  • The ERP and Cognition Lab, Ariel University – Dr. Gil Zuckerman

  • Brain Research Lab – Dr. Amos Azaria

  • Roim Rachok (Looking Ahead) Program – Ono Academic College – Dr. Gila Tubul