About the Organizational-Vocational Psychology Track

The organizational-vocational track provides training in applied practice and research in the three key fields of this profession: selection and occupational psycho-diagnostics, organizational consulting, and counseling and career management (recognized as a therapeutic field and referred to as “occupational psychotherapy”). This track prepares its graduates for internships in the three branches of the Organizational-Vocational-Social Psychology Division of the Israeli Ministry of Health’s Psychological Association. In all the three fields, classic and contemporary theoretical models are studied along with strategies for diagnosis and intervention. Students are receive a broad and up-to-date range of techniques and tools.

Organizational Consulting covers topics such as organizational diagnosis, employee motivation, development of managers and leadership within organizations, behavior of the individual in the organization, team work, employee evaluation, development and change management, personal counseling to managers and more.

Counseling and Occupational Therapy includes individual counseling processes, career decision-making processes, personal and career development theory, cognitive-behavioral counseling principles, psychopathology in the workplace and more.

Evaluation and Selection offers many tools for diagnostic skills in evaluating personality, tendencies, values, needs, strengths and more, both on the personal level and on the employee level; theories on employee adjustment, adaptation and occupational environment are studied, as well as how selection systems in organizations are developed and implemented.

This track provides a broad view of the person at work and of the work/career environment in the postmodern world. Graduates go on to work in evaluation, counseling and selection services within the framework of human resources in organizations, as well as in private practice and in consultation firms.

Faculty members in Organizational – Vocational Psychology

Faculty members in the organizational – vocational psychology track are leaders in their professional fields, practicing in diverse settings, as well as being outstanding academicians and researchers. Among the faculty members in the Organizational – Vocational track are:

  • Dr. Abira Reiser, Senior Lecturer – Head of Track
  • Prof. Hadassah Littman-Ovadia, Associate Professor
  • Prof. Meni Koslowski, Full Professor
  • Dr. Aryeh Lazar, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Lior Oren, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Gadi Zerach, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Ronny Mash, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Dana Zur Bitan, Lecturer