Graduate Degree Program in Psychology

Program Head: Prof. Michael Dolgin
Program Coordinator: Ms. Michal Hadari

Master’s degree studies in Psychology at Ariel University are aimed to deepen and broaden the theoretical, applied, and research abilities of the students, as well as to prepare them towards a professional internship in one of the two fields of expertise: Rehabilitation Psychology and Organizational – Vocational Psychology. The studies are completed over a period of two years and integrate theoretical courses and intensive field practica designated to train students towards working as psychologists in their field of specialization. The program includes theoretical courses, applied and clinical courses, methodological courses, and a practicum accompanied by an academic course. In addition, students are required to conduct and write a research thesis.

The program strives to provide students with a foundation for professional excellence. In terms of research, the studies provide a basis for the understanding, evaluation, planning and execution of independent research, which is supervised by a faculty mentor. In terms of applied and clinical training, the advanced academic degrees in psychology expose the students to a varied team of faculty members with extensive and broad interests and experience in the filed. The studies provide exposure to the state of the art developments in the field as well as the tools and skills required by psychologists in the fields of therapy, diagnosis, counseling, and research.