Civil Engineering

Ariel University


Head of Department: Dr. Matti Adan

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1996. The four-year course of studies leads to a B. Tech. degree recognized by the Council for Higher Education in Israel.

The program imparts basic knowledge of civil engineering, including structural design and construction management, basic understanding of all aspects of civil engineering, and the ability to integrate analysis and design together with theory and practical applications, as well as self-study skills. These are the tools that will allow our graduates to become civil engineers and find their place in the wide range of employment opportunities available in structural design and construction, both in the private and public sectors, including governmental entities, local municipal authorities, military needs, etc., and/or to continue their graduate studies.

The department’s faculty members are involved in academic research, combining research with applied engineering, bringing with them their rich experience gained from major, large-scale projects in the field of civil engineering.

Research and teaching activities include topics such as:

  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Earthquake-resistant buildings
  • Analytic methods for structures under static and dynamic conditions
  • Building planning
  • Stability and collapse
  • Buildings made of composite materials
  • Failure analysis
  • Strengthening and rehabilitating buildings
  • Soil engineering and foundation
  • Computational mechanics
  • Construction management
  • Environmental engineering
  • Green construction
  • Road planning
  • Teaching engineering sciences