Civil Engineering – Curriculum

  First Year
SemesterCourse NameCredits
1Calculus 15.0
1Linear Algebra3.5
1Physics – Mechanics3.5
1Chemistry 12.5
1Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics3.0
2Calculus 25.0
2Introduction to programming3.0
2Physics – Electricity3.5
2Chemistry 22.5
2Extended Engineering Mechanics4.5
2Jewish Studies4.0
Second Year
SemesterCourse NameCredits
1Differential Equations3.5
1Strength of Materials 15.0
1Introduction to Theory of Measurement4.0
1Probability and Statistics3.5
1Economics for Engineers3.5
1Engineering Materials2.5
2Structural Analysis 13.0
2Construction Materials4.0
2Strength of Materials 25.0
2Physics – Laboratory1.5
2Fundamentals to Transportation Engineering3.5
2Fluid Mechanics3.5
2Numerical Methods2.5
2Jewish Studies4.0
Third Year
SemesterCourse NameCredits
1Engineering Laboratory2.0
1Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures 14.0
1Structural Analysis 23.0
1Choice Course2.5
1Professional English for Engineering Students3.0
1Jewish Studies4.0
2Computer Methods of Structural Analysis3.0
2Principles of Structural Design2.5
2Steel Structures 13.5
2Concrete Structures 23.0
2Soil Mechanics4.0
2Pre-stressed concrete2.5
2Planning and Performance Management2.5
Fourth Year
SemesterCourse NameCredits
1Foundation Analysis and Design3.0
1Steel Structures 23.0
1Spatial Structures3.5
1Structural Dynamics4.5
1Structural Design2.5
1Choice Course2.5
1Final Project – Part 14.0
2Earthquake resistant design of structures2.5
2Environmental Engineering 12.5
2Choice Course2.5
2Choice Seminar2.0
2Final Project – Part 24.0
Total – 169.5
Choice Studies
SemesterCourse NameCredits
Management of Construction and Design2.5
Environmental Engineering 22.5
Industrialized Construction2.5
Introduction to Theory of Elasticity3.0
Duration of Buildings and Building Materials2.5
Stability of Slopes and Retaining Walls2.5
Introduction to Green Building2.5
Highway Structures Design2.5
Management of Construction Projects2.5
Principles of structural control3.0
Structural Design – Seminar2.0
Construction Management – Seminar2.0
Bridge Design – Seminar2.0
Geo Mechanics -Seminar2.0