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Prof Leah Fostick


Prof. Leah Fostick is an experimental psychologist specializing in auditory processing, psychoacoustics, and speech perception, among different populations.

Research Areas

Research populations

אסתר בן-יצחק

Prof Ester Ben-Itzhak

Prof. Esther Ben-Itzchak is a speech language pathologist specializing in behavioral and electrophysiological aspects in autism spectrum disorders.

Research Areas

מיכל איכט

Dr Michal Icht

Dr. Michal Icht is a speech language pathologist who focuses on two main domains: speech production (articulation, voice, fluency), and cognition (learning, attention, memory). She works in the university’s Voice Lab and in the Cognitive-Linguistic lab.

Research Areas

Speech Production (applied research)

Cognitive Sciences (basic and applied)

עדי ליפשיץ-בן בשט

Dr Adi Lifshitz Ben-Basat

Dr. Adi Lifshitz Ben Basat is a speech language pathologist specializing in language, speech, and swallowing rehabilitation of adults with a variety of neurological diseases. She is investigating the effects of tDCS electrical stimulation and TMS magnetic brain stimulation on the language and speech abilities of patients with neurological injuries.

Research Areas

Neuromodulation, using tDCS:

Linguistic and Cognition


נעמה קינן

Dr Adi Naama Kenan

Dr. Naama Kenan is a speech language pathologist who studies language acquisition in children with typical development and children with language and communication disabilities resulting from different etiologies.

גיל צוקרמן

Dr Gil Zukerman

Dr. Gil Zuckerman is a clinical psychologist who is involved in research in a number of areas, including the effect of sleep deprivation on brain and verbal function, the processing of emotional verbal stimuli on brain activity in various populations (ASD, PTSD) and resilience to stress.

ריקי טייטלבאום-סוויד

Dr Riki Taitelbaum-Swead

Dr. Riki Taitelbaum Swead is an experienced audiologist specializing in speech perception and production of hearing impaired individuals, and cochlear implants users. She is the national director of the field of communication disorders at Meuhedet Health services.

Research Areas

Dr Yael Navat

Dr. Yael Navat is an audiologist who is involved in research in neonatal hearing screening, hearing evaluation using physiological tests and vestibular tests.

Research Areas

ניר פינק

Dr Nir Fink

Dr. Nir Fink, is a biomedical engineer with research expertise focusing on acoustics in the military environment, development and evaluation of hearing protection devices, and impulse and continuous noise measurements of weapons and ammunition. Dr. Fink heads the Acoustics and Non-Ionizing Radiation Section and the Bioacoustics Lab in the IDF Medical Corps.

Research Areas

משה היין

Dr Moshe Hein

Dr. Moshe Hein, MD, is a senior ENT specialist at Schneider Children’s Hospital, where he is involved in clinical and surgical activities. He focuses on innovation in surgical techniques for laryngeal and neck surgery, laryngeal diagnostics, voice analysis, pediatric middle ear pathology, and management of pediatric airway pathology.

Research Areas

רונית סבן

Dr Ronit Saban

Dr. Ronit Saban, is a speech language pathologist specializing in communication, language and speech disabilities among special populations. She studies figurative language comprehension and processing in adults, youth and children with ASD and schizophrenia, and hemispheric processing of figurative language. Dr. Saban develops social, communication and language intervention programs for individuals with ASD.

Research Areas

julia reznick

Dr Julia Reznik

Dr. Julia Reznik is a linguist engaged in the study of developmental aspects of language in children with typical development and speech-language impairments. and investigating the formal aspects (morphology, syntax) of language

Research Areas

דר הימלפרב

Prof Mordechai Himelfarb

Prof. Mordechai Himelfarb, MD, is a senior ENT specialist, the Director of the Hearing and Speech Unit and the Dizziness and Hearing Disorders Clinic at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. He specializes in otoneurology​Specializing in oto-neurology, hearing impairments, tinnitus, vestibular disorders, dizziness, and aviation medicine.

טראו מרגלית אביטל

Dr Avital Trau-Margalit

Dr. Avital Trau-Margalit is an audiologist. She is an expert in hearing tests for children and adults, an experienced student instructor and a practicum supervisor in the field of Audiology.

מירה ברלין

Dr Mira Berlin

Ms. Mira Berlin is an audiologist, expert in the field of hearing rehabilitation, specializing in cochlear implantation, both from the theoretical perspective, and from the practical – clinical aspect.

Dr Debora Freud

Dr. Debora Freud, is a speech language pathologist, and an expert in the field of fluency disorders, she focuses on research and clinical practice in stuttering among various populations. She also specializes on dysphagia (swallowing disorders).