Department of Criminology

Ariel University


Department Chair: Prof. Mally Shechory-Bitton

Undergraduate studies in the Department of Criminology are designed to provide basic knowledge in the field of crime and deviance. Throughout the academic program various deviant and criminal behaviors, such as sexual deviance, teenage delinquency, violence, murder and substance abuse are examined. In addition, different theories explaining these behaviors are discussed, with a focus on psychology and psychopathology, stress and crisis situations and sociological attitudes. The program also examines methods of treatment and prevention.

The program incorporates practical field work, which complements the theoretical studies and provides a deeper understanding of the knowledge gained in the classroom. The field work provides an opportunity to explore various occupational directions, and helps students choose their future path and qualify for masters programs.

A joint program with the Department of Criminology may be taken in combination with a variety of other departments, such as:

  • Behavioral Science
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Political Science
  • Education

Students who integrate Criminology with Middle Eastern Studies, can register for a unique course on “Terrorism in the Modern Era”, which examines the different aspects of terror, from a criminology and political viewpoint.