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The challenge is to understand how this program works, and add to it a new computational-geometry algorithm, such as: finding a shortest hamiltonian path, finding a largest blocked circle, dividing a polygon to equi-area parts, etc.


  • Contributing to a beautiful software with many worldwide users.
  • Cooperating with many worldwide software developers.
  • Contributing to an open-source project greatly improves your CV.


  • Downloading, compiling and running such a large software-system is itself a project.
  • Understanding how it works is another project. So, even a single addition could be considered a great achievement.

Because they become available, cheap and have improved performance, they make it possible to perform many useful tasks, but may pose a safety and security hazard. In the proposed project we will refer to the situation in which a skimmer tries to protect a certain area from another skimmer.

In the first stage of the proposed project we will try to create an application in which the hovercraft reaches autonomously to a certain point in a space where a static target (eg ball or balloon) is located. A system of cameras identifies the target location and directs the skimmer to the same point. The project is based on hardware (cameras and remote) that will be available to participants.

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